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International Choir Festival and Competition Gaudete Barcelona 2024

Barcelona, Lloret de Mar  30.04-5.05.2024

    We invite all the choirs to take part in the International Festival and Choir Competition "Gaudete Barcelona" 2024 , that will take place the 30.04-5.05 2024 in Barcelona and Lloret de Mar, the touristic capital of the Costa Brava.

During the festival the choirs take part also in choral concerts in Barcelona Cathedral and in other magnificent churches of Barcelona.

 The competition is aimed at amateur choirs

-mixed choirs, female choirs and male choirs

The competitions is held in a few age groups : children choirs ,school choirs ,youth choirs ,adult choirs ,senior choirs.

 The competition is held in the four musical categories:Sacred Music , Piotr Janczak composition ,Folkore ,Pop Music

Each choir can take part in máximum three  competition categories

In the labours of the International Jury will take part among others an excellent choral music composer Piotr  Jańczak. The compositions of Piotr  Jańczak are included in the repertoire of a lot of excellent choirs  from around the world.

SCHEDULE - International Choir Festival and Competition
,, Gaudete Barcelona,, 2024 Barcelona, Lloret de Mar

Wendesday 1.05.2024

International Choir Competition -St.Roma Church – Lloret de Mar

14.30 opening ceremony of the festival at the Town Hall Square (Plaça de la Vila).
Presentation of all choirs. Please take the symbols identifying the choir such as flags, banners, etc.
Short march of all the choirs from Placa de la Vila to Placa de la Esglesia –St .Roma Church(approx. 150 m).

Thursday 2.05.2024

Free day, possibility to organize additional trips, for example (trip Mediterran Boat etc)

Friday 3.05.2024

Choir Concerts in Barcelona 
(only sacred music)

Saturday 4.05.2024
at 7 p.m announcement of the results and awards ceremony in Lloret de Mar

At 9 p.m final event, spanish fiesta for all participants

The organizers have reserved the right to change the Schedule

Only the choirs who have completed the registration procedure (filling the application form, sending all the essential documents, paying the inscription fee) can take part in the competition.

The payment of the inscription fee (150€) allows a choir to participate in all musical categories.

The choirs who take part in the competition are divided in 5 age groups:

◦ A senior choirs(2/3 of the members older than 55)

◦ B adult (2/3 of the members older than 19)
◦ C youth ( 2/3 between 14 and 19 years old)
◦ D children (2/3 under 14 yers old)

◦ E children (2/3under 14 years old)

Musical categories

Category Sacred Music

Quantity of pieces: 3 (from any musical epoque)

Maximum duration of the performace 15 minutes

Musical accompaniment allowed

 Category Piotr Janczak composition

In this category each choir perform 1 piece

Category Folklore

number of pieces   unlimited

Minimum total duration of programme 5 minutes

maximum total duration of programme   10 minutes

pieces with instrumental accompaniment   no limit

Category Pop

number of pieces:  2

maximum duration of programme   10 minutes

pieces with instrumental accompaniment   no limit


The choirs are assessed by the International Jury composed by excellent specialists in the choral music field. Jury evaluate the choirs considering the following criteria:


-Concordance of the performance with the score

-Performace's quality

-Competitions performance's value

-General artistic impression

The Jury can assign to each choir a maximum of 100 points according to the following scale:

95,01-100 outstanding/ excellent golden diploma

85,01-95,00/ excellent-golden diploma

75,01-85,00 very good-silver diploma

60,01-75,00 good-bronze diploma


In case of the infringement of the competition regulations the Jury can lower the mark 5 points. In case of exceeding the statutory time of competition audition the Jury can lower 10 points the global mark of the specific category.

Jury's  decisions are definitive. All the changes in the competitions scores must be notified to the Jury before the competition.

An electrical piano is available for the accompaniment during all the competition. The organisers provide a stand  for the conductor scores.

80% of the choirs members, excepting the conductor have to be amateur. In  the case of a choir composed by a majority of professionals, it will be assessed in a separate category for choir composed by professionals. Competitions categories for these choirs are the same as for amateur choirs.

We declare our assistance in the preparation of stay and concerts of your choir in Spain. We will be very pleased to welcome your choir to the International Choir Festival and Competition,,Gaudete Barcelona,, 2024

Best regards from Spain and we wish to invite you to cooperate

Organizers and cooperators

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