Final Awarding Ceremony Choir "Les Chanteurs du Comminges" , France Sagrada Família Lloret Main Beach Choir of the University in Louvain,Belgium Adoramus Mixed Choir, Slovenia Sa Caleta Beach Santa Clotilde Gardens Choir "Gallerie"  from Helsinki, Finland The Hallgrimskirkja Motet Choir , Iceland Choir ATH Bielsko-Biala, Poland Choir "Melody" from Navsie, Czech Republic International Jury 2014 Girls Choir "Cantabile", Poland Choir,,Inspiration,, from Ivanovo, Russia A Croche Choeur, France

The organizers of the event can issue the invitation letter for the duration of the event and can stamp you the list of participants to apply for visas only if you have fulfilled all the following conditions:

  • after you have successfully applied for the event and paid the registration fee to International Choir Festival and Competition ,,Canco Mediterrania,,

  • after you have paid the down payment for the event package to our partner agency

  • after you have sent us the completed list of participants (no handwriting!)

Please send the list only once and please try to avoid changes of participants, as changes may delay the issue of your visa.

As soon as you have complied with those three conditions, we will send the invitation letter including the confirmed list of participants by e-mail directly to the responsible person of the choir. This person shall bring the documents to the embassy personally.

Organizatorzy i współpracownicy

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